Sam Treadaway is a British artist whose multidisciplinary practice includes, sculpture, book-arts, and olfactory scent-based installations. Making use of existing frictions between aesthetic form and utilitarian design, he edits and re-aligns found objects, structures, and systems thus generating new outcomes. The interplay between the arts and other fields of knowledge, such as philosophy, science, and music, often inform his working processes.

Sam curates and produces Revolve:R, a multidisciplinary and international collaboration, based on visual correspondence, which explores a transmission of ideas, via tactile forms of communication (such as the postal service and book) as well as a parallel interplay online. Revolve:R, edition two (2015) is the result of a collaboration between artists, writers, filmmakers, and a composer, over a two year duration. Each project includes 300+ visual art works, poetry, films, music, all presented within a limited edition bookwork publication.

Exhibitions include:

AirSpace Gallery, Stoke-On-Trent, UK; Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK; ICA, London, UK; The Burton Gallery, Bideford, UK; Southbank Centre, London, UK; Choisi Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland; Southbank Centre, London, UK; Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel; Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, UK; Spacex Gallery, Exeter, UK; Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, UK.

Residencies include:

Artphilein residency, Corrido, Italy; AirSpace Gallery, Stoke-On-Trent, UK; The National Trust Residency, Bucks Mills, UK.

Commissions include:

A B&B, LeftCoast, Blackpool, UK; Bideford Black:The Next Generation, Burton Gallery, Bideford, UK; Untitled, The Curfew Tower, Cushendall, Northern Ireland; Clock-Work commissions, London, UK.

Talks include:

Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK; Southbank Centre, London, UK; Bristol Records Office, Bristol, UK, Spazio 1929, Lugano, Switzerland.

Forthcoming (2017-2018) include:

Arc Residency, Romainmôtier, Switzerland; A B&B, commission, LeftCoast, Blackpool, UK; Revolve:R, edition three.