Revolve:R artwork prints (49cm²)

600.00 (GBP)



> Revolve:R artworks can be purchased as high quality (giclée) numbered prints.

Each artwork print from the Revolve:R publications will be limited to an edition of /24.

> Artwork prints come in two main sizes: 42cm² (with a canvass size of 49cm²) and 21cm² (with a canvass size of 30cm²).

> Larger artwork prints can also be ordered by request.

> Revolve:R artwork prints  (as with the bookwork publications) shall increase incrementally in value year on year as well as more substantially with the arrival of each new Revolve:R edition. Revolve:R artwork prints therefore represent a sound financial investment.


Selecting Your Revolve:R Artwork Prints 

> Choose from the selection of artworks shown above and/or those featured anywhere else here in the shop.

> Artworks are watermarked protected here for copyright reasons. Ordered prints shall of course not feature this watermark.

>  To view view the complete selection of Revolve:R artwork prints available you shall first need to purchase (or otherwise access) the Revolve:R bookwork editions.


Placing Your Orders

> Each Revolve:R artwork is identified by a unique artwork number. Within the editions, artwork numbers are located on the lower right side of each artwork page. Artworks are attributable to the contributing artist via the indexes within each Revolve:R bookwork publication.

> Within the editions most, but not all, pages feature artwork on both sides of the page. These are referred to as side ‘a’ (front side or recto) and side ‘b’ (reverse side or verso).

> When selecting your prints please make a note of the artwork print number/s you’d like followed by ‘a’ or ‘b’  (e.g. 119a).

> When placing your order remember to include the artwork number/s within the Order Notes within the check-out form.

> Contributing artists shall receive a 50% commission per artwork sale of artworks they have created for Revolve:R.  The remaining 50% is allocated towards project development costs including the publication of future editions.


For more information about the project see: Revolve:R