Revolve:R, edition four

1,000.00 (GBP)


Revolve:R, edition four  (Arrow Bookworks, 2023)
Bookwork: 21.7cm, 21.7cm, 5.0cm.
380 pages (214 Artworks, 12 Poems, 6 films, 4 Songs, 4 Soundscapes, 1 Act).
Card, cloth, 170 gsm paper.
Arrow Bookworks deboss, numbered and signed. Limited edition /60.


Revolve:R, edition four  (Arrow Bookworks, 2023)

Works by: Sam Treadaway, Ricarda Vidal, Portia Winters, Eva Wang, Alicia Torres, Sébastien Théraulaz, Kate Street, Daniel Smedley, Kelsey Skordal, SHEARglass, Matt Rowe, Jessica Michelle Le Roux, Pietro Reviglio, Bernd Reichert, Juneau Projects, Mika Plutitskaya, Liza Neklessa, John Matthias, Domingo Martínez, Lovegrove, Will Kendrick, Karl Katschthaler, IAM13e, Sarah Hinds, Alice Hendy, Heather Harvey, Emmy the Harp, Kailum Graves, Georgie Grace, Patrick Galway, Sève Favre, ELAWIATR, Gen Doy, Amy Dickson, Charmagne Coble, Diana Ali.


Revolve:R, edition four – which began in the Summer 2021 and was published in 2023 – is a collaboration between artists, poets, filmmakers, and musicians from the UK, mainland Europe, North America, Russia, China, Australia and South Africa.

Revolve:R was initiated by Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal in 2011 as a multidisciplinary and international collaboration. The project explores a transmission of ideas through collaborative forms of communication, from the physical and tactile to the digital and intangible, in which contemporary artists, poets, filmmakers, and musicians, produce original artworks, poetry, films, soundscapes and music in response to a series of artworks and the collective work.

Each Revolve:R edition is formed of six Revolves (forming six ‘chapters’ within the bookwork publications) all of which each follow the same pattern whereby an artwork – created by Sam Treadaway – is shared with invited artists who then respond with an artwork by a specific date. Therefore the initial artwork sets in motion a multitude of alternative creative responses reflecting various ways of reading, interpretation and responding. The collective artworks of each Revolve then form the basis for other works including poetry, films, songs + soundscapes. The complete works of each Revolve:R edition is published as a limited edition bookwork.


“…Picking up from where edition three left off Revolve:R, edition four holds a virtual litmus paper to the air and a finger to the pulse of the contemporary world to creatively explore some of the key issues of our times. Of central focus in this new edition is climate justice and the ever present Climate Change Emergency and escalating Ecocide (which governments in 2024 continue to enable). Set against a backdrop of Covid-19 and the era of lockdowns the work naturally reflects this time as well as other prominent topics of the age including: Human Rights, Animal Rights, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrencies, Gender, Race and Sexual Equality, as well as the interplay between the Arts and Activism. In summary edition four reflects on what it might now mean to be human in an ever complex and chaotic world, during these crucial times of change and invites us to embrace the possibility of creating a sustainable and liveable future for everyone, everywhere. The collective work of Revolve:R, edition four is thus intended to gently ask an open-ended question of its readers: If not now, when? If not you, who?…”

S.T. (2023).


An incredible collaborative project and wonderful new edition – the Artphilein Foundation are happy to champion Revolve:R, edition four following the wonderful first three editions“.

 Caterina De Pietri (Artphilein Foundation, Vaduz, Switzerland, CH)


A superb fourth edition of Revolve:R that continues to create a valuable interdisciplinary vehicle for the exploration of creative possibility, cultural exchange and new models of collaborative practice“.

 Kathryn Standing (Modus Operandi Art Consultants, London, UK)


Further recommendations to follow soon .. watch this space !


Revolve:R editions can be found in public galleries and collections worldwide including:
Tate Artists’ Book Collection, Tate Britain, London, UK / MoMA Artists’ Book Collection, New York City, New York, USA / The British Library, London, UK / The National Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, London, UK / National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland / The Bodleian Library, Oxford, UK / Totnes Climate Hub, Totnes, UK / National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, Wales / Cambridge University Library, Cambridge, UK  / The Library of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland / Newark Public Library, New Jersey, USA / Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, UK / Goldsmiths School of Art, London, UK / The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, USA / California Institute of the Arts, San Francisco, California, USA / Pratt Institute, New York City, New York, USA / Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Massachusetts, USA / The Neil Crawford Collection, London, UK / The Sutton Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK / Artphilein Editions & Choisi Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland, CH / amongst other public and private collections.

The project has also received funding or in-kind support from galleries and cultural organisations including: 
Modus Operandi Art Consultants, London, UK / Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK / James Hockey & Foyer Galleries, Farnham, UK / Ceri Hand Gallery, London, UK / Spike Island, Bristol, UK / Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, UK / a-n, UK / Axisweb, UK / Visual Arts South West, UK. Thanks to all.


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See: Revolve:R