Revolve:R, edition one




If a butterfly flaps its wings in the tropics, this might cause a storm in Antarctica. If an artist creates a two-dimensional artwork and sends it to number of other artists around the world this might not cause a storm anywhere, but it might result in a series of responses and start a colourful conversation. In October 2011 we – Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal – created just such a work together, the first artwork of this book

This page was made with reference to chaos theory, specifically the ‘butterfly effect’ which suggests that a small change at one place in a non-linear system can result in large differences to a later state. The page was sent by post to eleven artists based throughout Europe and the USA

The artists were each asked to respond to this page with a two-dimensional artwork consisting of one or any combination of the following: drawing, painting, print-making, collage, photography, or text.


Revolve:R, edition one (Arrow Bookworks, 2013)

Bookwork: 21.7cm, 21.7cm, 2.6cm.
Card, cloth, 170 gsm paper.
138 pages (92 Artworks).
Limited edition /60.

(N.B. Price has increased due to very limited number of copies available of this original Revolve:R edition).


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For more information about the project see: Revolve:R

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