Revolve:R RFT:s

1,000.00 (GBP)

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> Each Revolve:R artwork print, as featured within the Revolve:R  editions, is also available to purchase as a one-of-a-kind RFT.

RFT:s are  of NFT’s (non-fungible-token’s).

The ‘R’ stands for Revolve:R, Revolving, or Revolutionary. The ‘FT’ stands for Future Tokens.

> RFT:s are high quality digital file versions of the Revolve:R artworks. Each RFT is sent to the customer on a multi-port USB with a digital certificate of authentication. Each RFT sale also includes a 30cm² artwork print of the artwork.

Whereas Revolve:R artwork prints are limited to an edition of /24 there is only one RFT available for each Revolve:R artwork. Each Revolve:R RTF is currently valued at 6000 (GBP).

A purchaser of a Revolve:R RFT shall owns one-third (33.33%) share of the copyright of that artwork. The remaining two-third share (66.66%) is shared 50-50 between the contributing artist of the RFT and the Revolve:R project. Hence why the current price per RFT token is 2000.00 (GBP)

> Proceeds from each RFT sale are shared equally between the contributing artist and the Revolve:R project.

> Following an RFT sale the customers name and contact details are recorded on the RFT ledger next to the number of the RFT artwork that they have purchased a 1/3 share of.

> The customer is then free to print or otherwise publish the artwork as they so decide the only caveat being that the customer is requested to include a mention to the project website (as a web-link or in print) wherever they print or publish the RFT.

> Revolve:R RFT:s (as with the artwork prints and publications) shall increase incrementally in value with the arrival of each new Revolve:R edition. RFT:s therefore represent a sound financial investment.

> If a customer decides to sell or trade their RFT share they first consult the current RFT valuation. Before a transaction can take place the customer must first contact the Revolve:R project to inform of the pending sale and provide contact details of the new RFT share-holder. Their name and details shall then be removed from the Revolve:R  ledger and replaced with that of the new RFT share-holder.

> Payment is then made from the new share-holder of the RFT to the project. The previous RFT customer receives a two-thirds of this transaction value with the remaining one-third is shared 50/50 between the contributing artist and the Revolve:R project.

Alternatively, if the Revolve:R project receives an enquiry about an RFT that has already been purchased the project shall then contact the current RFT share-holder to enquire as to whether they should like sell their share in that RFT.


Selecting RFT:s


> Choose from the selection of Revolve:R artworks featured anywhere within the shop.

> To view the complete selection of Revolve:R artwork prints available you shall first need to purchase (or otherwise access) the Revolve:R bookwork editions.


Placing Your Order


> Each Revolve:R artwork is identified by a unique artwork number. Within the editions, artwork numbers are located on the lower right side of each artwork page. Artworks are attributable to the contributing artist via the indexes within each Revolve:R bookwork publication.

> Within the editions most, but not all, pages feature artwork on both sides of the page. These are referred to as side ‘a’ (front side or recto) and side ‘b’ (reverse side or verso).

> When selecting your RFT please make a note of the artwork print number/s you’d like followed by ‘a’ or ‘b’  (e.g. 33a).

> When placing your order remember to include the artwork number/s within the Order Notes within the check-out form.

> Contributing artists receive a 50% commission per RTF artwork sale of artworks they have created for Revolve:R.  The remaining 50% is allocated towards project development costs including the publication of future editions.


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