The bookwork (‘) was produced in response to the bookwork Reality (1972) (by artist Jaroslav Kozlowski), a bookwork whose pages consist entirely of an abstract arrangement of punctuation marks. (‘) references language, reading, and mark making, by exploring the aesthetic and role of the punctuation in relation to text. (‘) was made by deconstructing and remaking a travel sized Oxford dictionary. Within the making process each and every punctuation mark, on all pages, was pierced (with a compass point) rupturing the surface of the pages. The covers design consisted of a sequence of embossed punctuation marks. In salute to Polish-born Kozlowski, the bookworks end-papers are pierced with the word ‘punctuation’, alongside its Polish translation, ‘interpunk’.

15cm, 10.5cm, 5.5cm.
Oxford dictionary, cloth, card, graph paper, acrylic stand.