A Clearing


A Clearing is an ACE-funded commission for Bideford Black: The Next Generation (shown at The Burton Gallery, Bideford) exploring the origin and commodification of raw materials and its subsequent environmental impact.
This olfactory installation is the result of a re-imagining of the origins of Mineral Black (a naturally occurring black pigment used prior to synthetic dyes located in Bideford and other parts of the world), ancient tree fern forests of the Carboniferous period, via the medium of scent. The modern day genus of these tree ferns are called Dicksonia Antarctica. The artist visited the Bristol Botanical Garden’s to learn more about their organic form and scent. Subtle variations of this scent composition (created in collaboration with a perfumer) are transmitted via stainless steel transportation drums, brimming with spheres of mineral black, within the gallery space. The works references the historical commodification of Mineral Black as well as the global commercialisation and trade of materials generally. The works title references the tree fern forests and processes of de-forestation, whilst also alluding to a clearing of the air.

Dimensions variable.
Etched stainless steel drums, pallet, mineral black, stretch wrap, diffusers, scent compositions (Notes of: Wood, Green, Earth and Petrichor).