For Heist#26 six panels of security mirror glass are placed parallel to one another upon black rubber and lean against the gallery wall. Used within banks, post-offices, etc, the glass is composed of alternating strips of clear glass and mirror allowing one-way viewing only. Architecturally the use of security mirror therefore creates a relationship between viewer and viewed and so has inherent connotations of voyeurism, secrecy and control. Referencing a generic screen (the total surface area of the mirror glass equals that of a 46” flat screen T.V.) the arrangement of the panels allows the viewer to simultaneously peer through the screen whilst glimpsing a reflection of the gallery surroundings and their own image. Heist#26 explores questions of identity as well as our symbiotic interaction with screens and simulacrum so drawing a parallel between physical/tactile and digital/virtual screens.

101.5cm, 86.5cm, 0.5cm.
Six panels of one-way security mirror glass, folded black rubber.