Pallet Lite


For Pallet Lite a wooden pallet is deconstructed and reinvented. In a transformation of the prefabricated to the hand-made the constituent parts were sanded smooth, revealing a striking wood grain pattern. The pieces were then dyed with a redwood mahogany stain and sealed with varnish before the pallet was reconstructed. Coach-screws were used to re-join the wood, their position determined by the pre-existing nail holes and the pallet was bisected before being rejoined with hinges and fitted with lights. When exhibited the work is cantilevered from the gallery wall, as an elevated object, with galvanised steel brackets referencing the arms of a fork-lift truck.

Dimensions variable.

Found pallet, redwood mahogany wood stain, clear varnish, coach-screws, hinges, LED lights, cables, galvanised steel brackets.

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