Revolve:R, edition two


Revolve:R, edition two (Arrow Bookworks, 2015)

Bookwork: 21.7cm, 21.7cm, 4.9cm.
266 pages (184 Artworks, 6 Poems, 6 Films, 1 Soundscape).
Card, cloth, 170 gsm paper.
Limited edition /60.

Revolve:R is a multidisciplinary collaboration based on visual correspondence, which explores a transmission of ideas, via physical and tactile forms of communication such as the postal service and book, as well as a parallel interplay online. Revolve:R, edition two is the culmination of our collaboration with a number of artists, writers and filmmakers, as well as a mathematician and a composer, from the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa and America over a two year duration.

Revolve:R, edition one (2013) took as its starting point ideas relating to chaos theory. For edition two it seemed a natural progression to explore and test concepts relating to chance and synchronicity. Following the same format as edition one, in autumn 2013 we – Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal – sent a double-sided artwork, measuring 21cm², to a number of internationally based artists, asking them to respond with an original artwork of their own, as though replying to a written letter. Artists were invited to use any combination of media and materials, the only rule being that the work should follow our format and, if utilizing two sides, then one should be in black and white.

We then viewed and discussed the received works together before producing a new work in reply to the collective response. At once a synthesis, edit and answer to the collected works, this was once again sent to all participating artists. This process of visual correspondence occurs six times during each project with every round, referred to as a Revolve effectively forming one chapter within each edition. During each project Revolve:R artworks are numbered and catalogued in the order in which they arrive, a process which also determines the page sequence of the editions. As Revolve:R is conceived as a continuing work in progress, the opening page number of edition two continues from the final page number of edition one. For Revolve:R, edition two we decided to widen the ambit of our project by inviting two poets, Steven J Fowler and Anna Mace, to each write a poem in response to the collected works of three alternate Revolves.

As the project developed we then invited six filmmakers to produce a short film in reply to one of the six poems. We also invited the composer, John Matthias, to write a score for the project, using a pioneering piece of technology, known as a ‘Neurogranular Sampler’ that he co-developed. Within the publication, the poems and film-stills appear as the final two pages of each Revolve. The six films and score are accessible via our website. Selected artworks from edition two are also available to purchase on our website as high quality giclée prints, each limited to an edition of /24.

As a multidisciplinary site and source for experimentation and exchange Revolve:R actively supports early and mid-career practitioners through the publication, exhibition and promotion of their work. With a strong focus on collaborative practice, Revolve:R facilitates communications between national and international arts communities, transcending geographic and linguistic boundaries, and is a vehicle for new and responsive artistic dialogue and interaction. After two years of continuous and productive collaboration we are very pleased to present you Revolve:R, edition two.

Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal (2015).

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