Sniff Disc


Sniff Disc is the result of the transformation of a concrete poem (Two Sun Spots, by Simon Barraclough) into scent and presented at The National Poetry  Library (Southbank Centre, London, UK). The scent is composed of five materials (Notes of: Opium Poppy, Orange, Cedar Wood, Leather) one to represent each line of the poem. This work references connections between the fields of perfumery and music, which share common vocabulary (such as notes, accords and composing). The fabrication of Sniff Disc references fragrance blotting strips, whilst its design borrows the LP vinyl record format of disc, sleeve and cover. In a literal translation the materials of the scent composition are listed by both Latin and common name, appearing as though song titles on a record. The poems text upon Sniff Disc (50mm diameter) reduces in size until illegible, its words seemingly dissolved at its epicentre, in a single drop of liquid scent.

Dimensions variable.
Discs = 50mm, 50mm, 0.5 mm.
Perfumery card, transparent paper, plastic sleeve, scent composition (Notes of: Opium Poppy, Orange, Cedar Wood, Leather).