Soundscapes + Songs

Revolve:R, edition three (Arrow Bookworks & Intellect Books, Bristol, UK / Chicago, USA, 2018)

We invited artists working with sound and musicians – Heather McClelland, Portia Winters, Emmanuel Spinelli, The Bookshop Band, Emmanuelle Waeckerle, and The Travelling Band – to each compose and record a soundscape or song in reply to the artworks of each Revolve. Soundscapes and songs are feature within edition three on a DVD-ROM.

To view a selection of the artworks that the Soundscapes + Songs respond to see: Artworks

Revolve:R, edition two (Arrow Bookworks, 2015)

We invited the musician and composer – John Matthias – to create a score in reply to a selection of artworks from edition two. For this the musician used a pioneering piece of technology which he co-developed called a Neurogranular Sampler. 

Score:1 is represented within Revolve:R, edition two with a single still from the sampler.

To view a selection of the artworks that Score:1 responds to see: Artworks