The Mechanism


The Mechanism bookwork contains a selection of eight poems written by the artist – Sam Treadaway – between the ages of seventeen and twenty-one years. Although read and discussed with certain friends, they were eventually filed away and forgotten.

In 2011, whilst sorting through some possessions the artist opened an atlas to find, tucked inside its cover, a number of handwritten pages. Re-reading the poems he was intrigued by parallels and connections between its verse and artworks he had subsequently made and decided to treat each poem as a score from which to make a drawing. The Mechanism bookwork is the result of that process; a meditation on one period of life, from that of another and an exercise in translation between writing and drawing.  

The Mechanism bookwork was first designed and published in 2013, as a limited edition of /13, by Arrow Bookworks. It was dedicated to all the individuals who, in a variety of ways, have supported and nurtured the artist’s practice to this day. 

The Mechanism (Arrow Bookworks, 2013)
Bookwork: 21.5cm, 21.5cm, 1.00cm.
20 pages (8 Poems, 8 Drawings).
Card, cloth, 170 gsm paper.
Limited edition /13.

A new redesigned impression of The Mechanism is due to be published in 2021. 

The Mechanism (Arrow Bookworks, 2021) can be pre-ordered here: Shop