The Scent of Colour


The olfactory work The Scent of Colour explores the subjectivity of both experience and perception with reference to the sensorial phenomenon of Synaesthesia. The work presents three scents, one for each of the primary colours, the composition of which was developed through extensive research into the origins of colour pigments. Each scent composition (produced by the perfumery technique of maceration) are dispersed within the exhibition space via carefully positioned scent diffusers. Selected materials, twelve associated with each of the three colours, are listed on an accompanying chart, both by botanical name (or chemical formula) as well as by common name. In the same way that a colour wheel indicates how the primary colours blend, the chart suggests how the three scent compositions might mix when air-borne, to creating secondary and tertiary scents. 

Dimensions variable.
Olfactory chart, scent diffusers, scent compositions (Notes representing: Red, Yellow, Blue).