The Stench Of Sanctity


The Stench of Sanctity developed from research into ‘The Odour of Sanctity’, a fabled and fragrant body odour reported to emit from saints, both during their lifetime, but particularly at the moment of their death. Three identical units, constructed from birch plywood, red plexiglass, and memorial flower holders, together with church candles, function as make-shift oil diffusers. A scent composition composed from notes of rose, frankincense, jasmine, and violet, suspended in a carrier of ‘holy water’, transmitted a fragrant scent, throughout the Belfry Project Space (Bethnal Green, London) as both a reclamation and parody of the mythical ‘Odour of Sanctity’. By choosing the word ‘stench’ (generally associated with unpleasant scents) the works title nods to the prevalence of hierarchical gross misconduct within many mainstream religions. (whilst not wishing to detract from any genuine great deeds by people canonised as saints).  

Dimensions Variable.
Units: 20cm, 20cm, 20cm.
Birch plywood, red plexiglass, memorial flower holders, holy water, church candles, scent composition (Notes of: Rose, Jasmine, Violet).