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> R:R Q:R codes link to the Films, Songs and Soundscapes of Revolve:R, edition four on the Vimeo & SoundCloud platforms. If you’re interested in supporting the Revolve:R project and would like to help spread word of Revolve:R, edition four you can now order a full set of edition four R:R Q:R codes completely free of charge.

> Because you are awesome we’ll also gift you an ‘artwork page’ from the edition four publication and you’ll be entered into a ‘lucky-dip drawer’ with one ‘lucky winner’ receiving a free copy of the Revolve:R, edition four bookwork publication.
Artist filmmakers Amy Dickson, Eva Wang, Daniel Smedley, Sam Treadaway, Kailum Graves and ELAWIATR each made a film in response and reply to the artwork and poetry of each Revolve.

Musicians and artists working with sound – Portia Winters, SHEARglass, John Matthias, Lovegrove, Karl Katschthaler, Sarah Hinds, Emmy the Harp and Gen Doy – to each create a Song or Soundscape in response and reply to the artwork and poetry of each Revolve.

Each Film, Song or Soundscape is represented within the Revolve:R, edition four bookwork with a single film still and included within the edition as a QR code.

* Works are credited to each specific creator within the bookwork editions.


Revolve:R, edition four (Arrow Bookworks, 2023)

Works by: Sam Treadaway, Ricarda Vidal, Portia Winters, Eva Wang, Alicia Torres, Sébastien Théraulaz, Kate Street, Daniel Smedley, Kelsey Skordal, SHEARglass, Matt Rowe, Jessica Michelle Le Roux, Pietro Reviglio, Bernd Reichert, Juneau Projects, Mika Plutitskaya, Liza Neklessa, John Matthias, Domingo Martínez, Lovegrove, Will Kendrick, Karl Katschthaler, IAM13e, Sarah Hinds, Alice Hendy, Heather Harvey, Emmy the Harp, Kailum Graves, Georgie Grace, Patrick Galway, Sève Favre, ELAWIATR, Gen Doy, Amy Dickson, Charmagne Coble, Diana Ali.


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